The HEALTH Lab was created by Dr. Kimberly More in 2020. The lab includes undergraduate and postgraduate researchers.

Dr. Kimberly More is a Lecturer (Teaching & Research) in the Psychology department at the University of Dundee. Her research lays at the intersection of Social and Health Psychology with a focus on how researchers and interventionists can increase intentions to engage in healthy behaviour as well as how intention can be translated into behavioural initiation and subsequent maintenance through targeting both intrapersonal and interpersonal processes. To date, her research program has focused on promoting both simple health behaviours, such as calcium consumption in young women, and complex health behaviours, such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake in college students as well as promoting exercise in both inactive young adults and older adults with chronic illness (i.e., cancer). This examination of how to best promote behavioural engagement, and of which mechanisms support or hinder uptake of health behaviours, has focused on affective processes, social cognition, habits, and identity.