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The University of Dundee Archive is open to anyone who wishes to research Dundee and the surrounding area.

The Archive holds records on many aspects of Dundee, ranging from the city’s rise in the jute industry, to the city’s health and education records, to the evolving culture. There are many examples of art, literature and scientific inventions worldwide that can be traced to Dundee.

About the Creators

This exhibition was created by two volunteers with the Archive: Sarah Mackintosh and Sophie Robinson.

Sarah is a fourth-year student at the University of Dundee studying MA History. She has been volunteering with the University of Dundee Archive since October 2020.

Sophie is in her second year of completing a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in English. She has taken up a voluntary position within The University of Dundee Archive Services after completing a University run Internship.


All at University of Dundee Archive Services:

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