We are all definitely somewhere else now . . . a space in-between that is not where we were or where we wish to be. For the duration of this unsettled moment circling the world, however it manifests, the act of being together is the only necessity.

And as we venture deep into this unexpected land in which the most ordinary of events is transformed, Cooper Gallery remains committed to sharing caring, insightful, provocative and critical reflection, and of course stimulating contemporary art.

Our detour between life as it was and the world to come, will encounter a plethora of voices speaking in a multitude of ways. From online sound performances, live streaming of artist moving image works and films, to online experimental writing workshops, and reading groups, Cooper Gallery’s ‘a space in-between’ will ask, pose and invite a world of questions.

We begin our discursive roam by reading, listening, screening and conversing on material related to and featured in our currently postponed exhibition A is for Avant-Garde, Z is for Zero on our website and social media, with generous support and solidarity from all the extraordinary minds involved.

Take care, together.

8 April 2020