How to take part

The We Walk programme is still under development.  We are recruiting people to use the programme, so that with their help,  we can improve it before testing it in a large trial.

We are looking for volunteers in Tayside, Glasgow, Lothian and Fife.

If you have had a stroke and would like to walk more, or if you know someone who has had a stroke and would like to walk more, please get in touch.

Men and women are eligible to take part if they:

  • have had a stroke
  • are over 18 years old
  • can walk outdoors (with or without a walking aid)
  • have no contraindications to increasing their walking

Stroke survivors will be recruited with a walking buddy to work as a team.  Stroke survivors who do not have anyone to be a walking buddy,  can still take part.  We will ask a volunteer to become the buddy.

What would be involved if you took part?

We will invite you and your walking buddy to test the We Walk programme over 12 weeks.

During that time, we would like you and your buddy, as a team, to plan ways to help you to walk more.  We will also ask you to keep a diary of how much walking you do.

A researcher (Linda Irvine) will meet with you and your walking buddy four times in twelve weeks.  She will come to your home or another venue of your choice.  She will also keep in touch by telephone.

At the first meeting Linda will ask questions about yourself and how the stroke has affected you.  She will help you to find ways to walk more.  At other meetings she will ask about your experience using the programme and  how you think the programme could be improved.

Finally, at the end of the study, you and your walking buddy will be invited to come to the University with other people who have taken part.  We will give you results from the research, and discuss how to improve the We Walk programme for other people who have had a stroke.