My research focuses on the integration of data and numerical modelling. Scientists and engineers have developed numerous numerical models and collected a large amount of field and numerical data, but the value of the models and data are not fully explored. There are mainly two reasons. First, the resolution and coverage of the data cannot meet the demand of practical uses, and second, we still lack tools to understand the high volume of data and modelling results and translate the data into information and insights.

The emerging data-driven analysis and data science shed light on these problems. Data-driven algorithms, including but not limited to Model Order Reduction and Machine Learning, are designed to handle a large amount of data and has a potential to extract patterns from datasets. On the other hand, the emerging big data and data science enable us to enhance the data quality to meet the modelling and decision-making demand.

In addition to the development of new numerical models, my research aims to develop and apply these emerging methods. My study results are driving the improvement of our capability in decision-making, design optimization, data sensitivity, risk and reliability analysis, dynamic control and data assimilation. And my research topics cover natural hazards, environmental disasters, single- and multiphase plumes in stratified waters, the resilience of the coastal and urban community, and energy-food nexus.

The following projects demonstrate my vision…

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Resilience

A shallow water numerical model for San Francisco Bay using Delft3D. The validation can be found in this paper Link.

Data-driven analysis techniques are introduced into coastal engineering: Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) and Inverse Method to analyse the interaction between coastal protection infrastructure and tidal dynamics Link

Urban Flooding and Water Issues

Inverse Method to Determine Urban Runoff Coefficients Link


CFD-DEM Multiphase Flow Simulation

Sediment Flux and Benthic Environment

Past project: Jets and Plumes








Past project: Low-pressure and Low-energy Micro Irrigation

Past project: Particle Management in Diesel Particulate Filters


More details are coming…