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Twitter + Citizen Science + AI = improved flood data collection (Dec 20, 2017)

Researchers from the University of Dundee are combining Twitter, citizen science and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to develop an early-warning system for flood-prone communities.
Links: University of Dundee News,

New design cuts costs, energy needs for drip irrigation, bringing the systems within reach for more farmers (April 20, 2017)

Engineers at MIT have found a way to cut the cost of solar-powered drip systems by half, by optimizing the drippers. Furthermore, these new drippers can halve the pumping power required to irrigate, lowering energy bills for farmers.
Links:, MIT News

Re-engineering the sprinkler (November 9, 2016)

New MIT research on the flow of water in flexible tubes could make irrigation technology more sustainable and cost-effective.
Links: MIT News,, (Chinese), (Chinese)