Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Advanced Optical Microscopy Development for Deep-Tissue Computational Microscopy

Applications are invited for a  Postdoctoral Research Assistant to develop the next generation of light-sheet microscopes for biomedical imaging. The successful candidate will be involved in all steps of the process, from design to implementation and application. The central aim of this research is to overcome the imaging depth limit in biological microscopy. Inhomogeneities within biological samples affect the path of the light entering and exiting the specimen of interest, thus preventing a sharp, high resolution, image. The project will involve the implementation of new microscope systems that fuse computational imaging and adaptive optics in microscopy, as well as the further development of existing systems with a range of modalities such as light-sheet microscopy, structured illumination, phase contrast, and confocal microscopy. Testing and application to developmental biology will be in collaboration with our School of Life Sciences.

This position is immediately available. Do not hesitate to get in touch for more info: Tom Vettenburg <>.

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