Lecture Capture – Moving towards ‘opt-out’ at Edinburgh

Dr Melissa Highton

A talk at LCS2018 (search for this tag in the blog).

Speaking from a dual role as Edinburgh University’s Director of IT and Vice-Principal of Online Learning,  Melissa discussed how Edinburgh is moving towards an ‘opt-out’ policy for LC. Opt-out means that by default, all lectures at the institution will automatically be recorded unless a special case is put forward which provides for an exception.

Edinburgh have been rolling out facilities for LC, with 100 teaching rooms fully ready, 200 more coming online this summer and the final 100 coming next year. This roll-out had been planned and announced but was reported in the student newspaper under the headline “All Edinburgh lectures to be captured from 2017.” The mis-understanding caused some complaints from students whose lectures were not yet being captured. This highlights a theme across the talks: students will increasingly come to expect lectures to be captured and may come to feel poorly served by institutions or individual departments which do not provide LC.


Lecture Capture Symposium

University of St Andrews

2 May 2018

I attended “LCS2018” in St Andrews. This afternoon-long symposium featured presentations by academics from a number of Scottish HEIs on the topic of Lecture Capture (LC). Various aspects were considered, including policy, implications, evidence and possible future directions. Several speakers related their own teaching experiences using LC and discussed implications for good practice.


I will post short pieces about each of the talks using the blog tag “LCS2018”.

Hard Sums blog started!

This blog will provide a platform for publication and discussion of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) activities in the Division of Maths at the University of Dundee.

Hard Sums is in part an acronym: SUMS standing for Scholarship of University Mathematical Studies. (Yes, it’s a stretch!)

My uncle, (who never enjoyed the maths he took at university), once introduced me as his “nephew who does hard sums”. Maybe this blog is about the ‘hard’ part of the title.

John McDermott