Centre for Entrepreneurship



‘The Centre of Entrepreneurship is a 21st century entrepreneurial facility which is located within the University of Dundee and is open to the public.

The Centre of Entrepreneurship is available to help those who are thinking about starting a business, and offers access to expert enterprise advice and support. But that is not our only mission—we seek to embed the key enterprise skills of the world’s top entrepreneurs into our students, staff, and recent graduates.

Through annual events such as the Enterprise Challenge, the Venture competition, and the Elevator Accelerator Program, we seek to improve the self-reliance and employability of all staff, students, and recent graduates. For international students, the Centre of Entrepreneurship also provides an opportunity to develop a business idea, by endorsing and supporting them through the Tier 1 Entrepreneurship visa to launch a business in Scotland.

To achieve this mission, the Centre is assisted by local business experts to provide training, mentoring, inspirational talks, and competitions with associated prize funding. We believe that by supporting people in developing their business ideas, and by fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set in the community, we can create a society of people who inspire innovative solutions to the problems of the world.’