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Link: Pogo Books

Pogo Books are an independent publisher based in Berlin who focus on affordable limited edition art books, catalogues, editions and zines in small print runs. I particularly like the riso zines of founder Claudio Pogo. Have a look at: 82 PERSPECTIVES OF A BURNING POLICE CAR18 HOMEMADE GASMASKS20 WALKING BUSHES.



Link: Ashley Ronning / Helio Press

Ashley Ronning is an illustrator based in Melbourne.  She also runs a risograph publishing project called Helio Press who have produced some charming riso zines.


Link: Paper Pusher

Paper Pusher is a Toronto-based risograph publisher.


Link: Hato Press

Hato Press are a London-based risograph printer and publisher.


Link: Cantab Publishing

US artist Alex Lukas runs his own imprint called Cantab Publishing and makes excellent use of single and two colour riso printing, often using coloured papers. cantabpublishing.com

Link: Riso Presto

Riso Presto are a Parisian riso publisher. riso-presto.com

Link: Exit Press

Exit Press are a Norwich-based riso publisher who have produced work with artists such as Marcus Oakley, Stephen Smith (Neasden Control Centre). Nicolas Burrows and EKTA.

Link: Tan & Loose Press

Run by Clay Hickson, Tan & Loose Press is an independent publisher of limited edition artists prints and zines based in Los Angeles, CA. They have published work by artists such as Tim LahanOlimpia ZagnoliAnnu Kilpeläinen, Chad Kouri and Atelier Bingo.


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