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The New York Times Year in Illustration

“Every year The New York Times commissions thousands of original illustrations from independent artists around the globe. Artists are asked to distill the most compelling aspects of stories and create a powerful experience. They often have just hours to make images that move, provoke and enrich the act of reading.

During years of tumult and uncertainty, illustrators use the medium’s inherent flexibility to comment on a rapidly evolving social, political and economic landscape. When a single subject dominates the news, artists find new ways to elaborate on it without succumbing to dull repetition. They clear away the noise and get to the point, using pen, pencil, brush, stylus, cut paper, clay, motion and raw code to produce indelible images that resonate.”


Link: Eye Magazine feature on The Guardian Long Read

Graphic Design journal, Eye Magazine, have published a feature on how The Guardian collaborate closely with illustrators to create the stunning large format images for to accompany their Long Read essays. Read the full article here: eyemagazine.com/feature/article/the-long-look

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