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Nicola Yeoman


Anna Garforth

A piece of tape art was filmed live in Berlin for a ZDF Kultur commercial about music and the arts. Artists were invited to illustrate a word in different locations around Berlin. Reiselust – ‘Wanderlust’ was installed on a disused piece of land between a housing estate and railway line.


Maarten Baas – The New Forest

With new techniques (such as Google Earth or drones) we increasingly familiarize ourselves with the view of earth from above. From this perspective, one could see the planet as a sculpture, or a canopy as a canvas. For The NEW Forest, trees will be planted in a specific arrangement, selected by the colours of their leaves and their corresponding foliage. As the forest ages, a design will slowly arise. By 2216, the forest will be fully-grown and an aerial perspective will reveal a souvenir from the 21st century: a flashy logo saying “NEW!” Each season shows different colour combinations, generating a new NEW! logo for years to come.


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