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Interview with graphic designer Eike König

There’s a really insightful interview with German graphic designer Eike König on Adobe’s great 99U blog. Eike shares stories about his journey and offers great advice about collaboration and how to keep your creative process fresh. I highly recommend reading the interview and taking a look at the work he produces with his collective Hort as well as his solo artworks on Instagram.

Microscopy at UoD

Zoom in with these open source microscopy projects online.

Popper Magazine

Popper Publishing is a relatively new imprint from Latvia set up as a platform for books, art zines and other projects about illustration, graphic design, photography and fine art. Their main focus is the Popper Magazine. More info on their publications can be found at

Experimental typography in motion

This is a great piece of experimental motion typography created by placing a container of thick fluid (made with cornstarch and water) on top of a speaker that’s playing 40-80hz sounds.

From Paper to Screen

A beautiful piece of motion graphics by Thibault de Fournas that shows the evolution of typography from paper to screen.

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