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New Blood Festival 2019 Talk – Type Everything: An A-Z of typography

Chris Rowson TBWA Chiat NY shares his advice to young creatives for breaking the mould with typography and learning new skills.

Rowson’s A-Z of typography spoke about interesting use of kerning and leading, negative space, and experimenting with algorithms and new technology within typography.

Chris goes on to say by learning experimental typography, and how to improve your typography and lettering knowledge, designers can convey powerful and meaningful messages in their work.

(Reposted from D&AD website here:

audiovisual Podcast from WeTransfer

“The most interesting stories are often the hardest to tell. In our new audiovisual podcast, WeTransfer’s head of photography Lucy Pike speaks to four photographers about projects which took them into new worlds, from Nigerian gangsters to high school dramas.”


Typeradio is a radio channel focusing on type and design. With an extensive archive of over 500 episodes featuring interviews with important figures from the world of contemporary design, Typeradio is an incredible resource worth dipping into.

Design Observer Podcasts

Design Observer is a platform created by Michael Beirut (Pentagram) and Jessica Helmand. Design Observer publish a suite of interesting podcasts including:

Have a look / listen to all of their podcasts here:

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a podcast that shares stories about design – covering every conceivable aspect of the discipline. The show is produced and hosted by Roman Mars in Oakland, California. You can listen to the extensive episode archive via:

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