Stephen Broderick

Partner: University of Limerick

Stephen achieved his degree and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Limerick, Ireland.  The principle topic of his thesis was on the study of the physics in the arteriovenous junction. Using computational fluid dynamics, the flow characteristics in the junction were examined using a design study expanding on a range of geometric and flow parameters. The potential influences of different flow metrics on vascular disease responses were analysed, including flow profiles, wall shear stress and turbulence.  Secondly he was involved in the optimisation and assessment of a novel arteriovenous graft.

Stephen is now a University of Limerick research fellow and a secondee to Vascular Flow Technology (VFT) in Dundee, UK. His experience with computational fluid dynamics will be coupled with patient scan data from both ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging with the goal of improving the understanding of fistula maturation and disease mechanics.