Shona Matthew


Partner: University of Dundee

Shona came into academia later in life after successfully running a small business from her home in North East Fife for 20 years. The people and organisational skills she gained during that time helped prepare her for her current role as the ReDVA project administrator in Dundee.

Shona is an Alumna of the University of St Andrews, graduating in 2007 with a BSc Hons in physics and again in 2012 with a PhD in physics. The theme of Shona’s PhD thesis was “The development of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging for the detection of age- and disease-related changes in the human heart”. Since graduating, Shona has maintained her links with the physics department at the University of St Andrews, working one afternoon per week as a lab demonstrator for undergraduate students until 2013, and as a project supervisor for students wishing to carry out sabbatical and final year projects in medical physics here in Dundee.

Shona has worked as a researcher for Professor J. Graeme Houston, the Principle Investigator of the ReDVA project, since the beginning of 2012. Before coordinating the ReDVA project, her main research focus was MRI for the detection of cardiovascular disease.  Shona’s work has involved successful collaborations with other UK centres and industrial partners, including our ReDVA partners, Guerbet.

As administrator of the ReDVA project in Dundee, Shona is actively involved in organising meetings, teleconferences and timetables for visiting secondees. She also oversees the day to day running of the project in Dundee, ensuring that milestones and deliverables are met.