Laura Young

Laura Young graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a Masters degree in Physics in June 2015.

During her final year project she worked closely with Ninewells hospital investigating their CT protocols. She investigated how dose audits were being performed and then looked at ways to optimise scans to reduce patient radiation dose. From here her interests have moved even further into the area of medical physics and she is now undertaking her PhD at the University of Dundee sponsored through Guerbet. The research will focus on investigating the safety and efficacy of the Gadolinium based contrast agent Dotarem. In particular, it will look at whether patients who have undergone multiple contrast enhanced MRIs are now displaying any hyper signal intensities on brain images. Of particular interest to the ReDVA project however, at risk populations, such as those with renal impairment, who have been exposed to Dotarem will undergo further investigations.