Outreach for the period October 2013 – September 2017


ReDVA - University of Limerick Open Day
University of Limerick Open Day
  1. 2013 – 2017; UNIVERDUN Design, construction and updating of the ReDVA website www.redva.eu
  2. 2014 – 2017; UNIVDUN designed and circulated ReDVA Newsletters to all ReDVA partners. QEHB and UNIVDUN then circulated the Newletter to renal patients and outpatients within their centres. www.redva.eu
  3. 27th May 2014; An over view of the project was presented to colleagues within the School of Medicine, Univeristy of Dundee.
  4. 16th July 2014; ReDVA members ESR 1 Deirdre cassidy, ESR 7 Zaib Khawaja, Rose Ross, Shona Matthew & Nick Inston were invited by the ERBP core development group and advisory board to join the guideline development group, formed to update current ERBP guidelines.
  5. September 2014; Alison, a haemodialysis patient of 14 years, provided a written account of the problems she has encountered with her vascular access during her 14 years on dialysis.
  6. 3rd November 2014: Dundee science festival public engagement – Combating kidney dialysis vascular access (5pm – 9pm). Presenters: ESR 2 (Efstratios Kokkalsi) and ER5 (Stephen Broderick). http://www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk/contents/dundee_science_festival.html
  7. October 2014; Shona Matthew gave an overview on ‘A patients perspective on research needs in vascular access’ to an audience of nephrologists, surgeons and patients at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.
  8. 6th November 2014: ESR 7 (A Khawaji) applied to undertake a Cochrane Systematic Review under the umbrella of the ReDVA project. The title ‘The accuracy of vascular imaging to identify fistulas at risk of failure in patients for haemodialysis’ was accepted and will further scientific understanding of vascular access.


  1. 13th – 17th March 2015; Shona Matthew presented a patient poster at the World Congress Nephrology on the position and size of arteriovenous fistulae and the impact a ‘large’ fistula has on the patient’s heart.
  2. April 2015, 12.00 noon – 13.30pm: The ReDVA project was timetabled for a specific session within the Vascular Access Society Congress, VAS, Barcelona, Round table – translational research. Chaired by Nick Inston. http://www.vas2015.org/download-program
  3. 2015; ESR7 (A Khawaja) introduced the ReDVA project to renal centres throughout the UK and Europe and performed a multicentre questionnaire based study to define imaging practices.
  4. February 2015; ESR7 (Zaib Khawaja) provided research taster sessions to medical students. The three sessions were tailored to provide an insight of research and its implications to clinical practise and patient outcomes, research being carried out by the ReDVA consortium, the Marie Sadowlska Curie Actions (specifically the industry-academia partnerships and pathways) and experience of current reseach.
  5. April 2015; Fellows at UNIVDUN, (ESR 1 Deirdre Cassidy and ESR 2 Stratos Kokkalis) desinged a patient focused questionnaire in a bid to highlight patient and clinical practice that may impact on vascular access outcome. The questionniare was designed for circulation within Tayside. www.redva.eu


ReDVA - University of Limerick Open Day
University of Limerick Open Day
  1. 1st February 2016; After a request from a ReDVA MRI patient, ER 5 Stephen Broderick) authored and presented the patient with a detailed overview of the CFD work carried out on the patient’s images.
  2. 28th September 2016; UNIVERLIM opened their workshop to patients, public, careres and medical staff. A panel of experts (nephrologists, surgeons, radiologists and researchers) provided updates on their areas of interest. The question and answer session was very successful and lasted over 2 hours.
  3. October 2016; University of Limerick Open Day. MER 6 – Prof Michael Walsh, MER 7 – Dr David Newport, ESR 10 – Connor Cunnane and ER 6 – Marco Franzoni brought along pull up stands that were commissioned to support advertising the ReDVA project. The ReDVA project was discussed with many members of the public.
  4. 1st December 2016; ReDVA researchers ER 1 – Helen McLeod, ESR 3 – Laura Young presented their research to radiology registrars and consultants on the research topics covered under the ReDVA umabrella.


  1. 6th April 2017; Radiology Talks. ReDVA researchers ER 2 – Eoin Murphy and ER 11 – Marco Salsano presented their ReDVA research to radiology registrars and consultants.
  2. 20th May 2017; Univeristy of Dundee 50th Anniversary celebration. ESR 3 – Laura Young & ESR 11 – Conor MacDonald set a stand to promote the ReDVA project to members of the public and UoD almumni.
  3. September 2017; Article in the EUResearch Journal providing an overview of the ReDVA project and it’s achievements.
  4. August 2017; ESR 11 – Conor MacDonald organised the 3D printing of a patient specific fistula for the vascular lab in Ninewells, to help clinical staff explain vascular access surgery to the patient.
  5. 28th – 30th September 2017; ReDVA (ER 1 – Helen McLeod, ER 8 – Rudolf Hellmuth, ER 2 – Eoin Murphy, and MER 8 – Craig Dunlop) set up stand at VASBI to promote Thiel model applications in device testing. In particluar, to vascular access device testing.
  6. 28th – 30th September 2017; ReDVA took out a full page advert, promoting the Thiel model, in the VASBI attendees handbook. ER 1 “manned” a stand that attracted a lot of interest from intervention radiologists and vascular surgeons.
  7. September 2017; ER 2 was instrumental in establishing a collaboration and submitting a joint grant application betwenn UNIVDUN and Professor Francesco Migliavacca, Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali ed Ingegneria Chimica, Politecnico di Milano for the adveancement and testing of the ReDVA Thiel Model.
  8. October 2017 edition of EUResearch Journal – 3 page spread details the aims and achievements of the ReDVA project.
ReDVA Fellows at VASBI 2017
ReDVA Fellows at VASBI 2017

Patient Involvement