Outreach Work

1. 3rd November 2014: Dundee science festival public engagement – Combating kidney dialysis vascular access (5pm – 9pm). Presenters: ESR 2 (Efstratios Kokkalsi) and ER5 (Stephen Broderick). http://www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk/contents/dundee_science_festival.html


2. The ReDVA project was timetabled for a specific session within the Vascular Access Society Congress, VAS, Barcelona, April 2015: 12:00noon to 13:30pm, ROUND TABLE – TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH. Chaired by Nick Inston. http://www.vas2015.org/download-program

3. ESR7 (A Khawaja) introduced the ReDVA project to renal centres throughout the UK and Europe and performed a multicentre questionnaire based study to define imaging practices.

4. ESR7 (Zaib Khawaja) provided research taster sessions to medical students in February 2015. The three sessions were tailored to provide an insight of research and its implications to clinical practise and patient outcomes, research being done by the ReDVA consortium, the Marie Sadowlska Curie Actions (specifically the industry-academia partnerships and pathways) and experience of current reseach.

5. UNIVDUN desinged a patient focused questionnaire in a bid to highlight patient and clinical practice that may impact on vascular access outcome. The questionniare is initially due to be circulated within Tayside. www.redva.eu

6. UNIVDUN circulates a quarterly ReDVA Newsletter to all ReDVA partners. QEHB and UNIVDUN then circulate the Newletter to renal patients and outpatients within their centres. www.redva.eu

7. UNIVDUN updates the ReDVA website www.redva.eu



ReDVA Collaborations for the period october 2013 – June 2015 QEHB: In a bid to foster knowledge exchange and future partnerships,ESR 8 […]