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University of Dundee | Universiteit Utrecht | University of Liverpool | Uppsala Universitet | PGXIS | Asper Biotech


University of Dundee

University of Dundee

Prof Colin Palmer is the Chair of Pharmacogenomics at University of Dundee. He specialises in population genetic research and has research projects studying the genetic basis for susceptibility to common diseases and response to treatment in type 2 diabetes, heart disease, asthma and cancer. He has over 170 highly cited publications in the field.

Prof Sarah Marshall, Professor of Clinical Immunology studies genetic factors that determine immune responses in health and disease. Responsible for clinical immunology screening of individuals with angioedema.


Utrecht University

Utrecht University

Dr A.H. Maitland-van der Zee performed the management of many pharmacogenetics projects (such as coordinating EU FP7 grant: Integrating pharmacogenomics approaches into the treatment of CVD (EU-Pact). She performed pharmacogenetic and pharmacoeconomic analyses in observational studies and in clinical trials, and published >88 papers on these subjects.

Dr ML (Marieke) de Bruin PharmD PhD (Female) is an assistant professor of pharmacoepidemiology at Utrecht University, and a pharmacovigilance expert at the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board. She is an Independent Scientific Expert for the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Dr AM (Anke) Hövels, PhD (Female) is a researcher in pharmacoeconomics at Utrecht University. She has a PhD in Health Economics and has years of experience in health economics and economic modelling with a particular interest in the economics of diagnostics.

Dr FW Asselbergs, MD PhD (Male) is a clinical cardiologist in the UMC Utrecht specialized in inherited cardiovascular disease with research focus on complex genetics of CVD. He heads the Durrer Center for Cardiogenetic research. He is PI of an ongoing multicenter pharmacogenetic trial using bed-side genotyping equipment.

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

Dr Ana Alfirevic is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology. Her research interests are pharmacogenetics of adverse drug reactions, HLA allele related drug-induced toxicity and diagnostic test accuracy evaluation.

Prof Munir Pirmohamed is Head of the Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology and Deputy Director of the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Sciences in Liverpool. Professor Pirmohamed is a Member of the Commission on Human Medicines and Chair of its Pharmacovigilance Expert Advisory Group. His groups work encompasses research within the wider field of personalised medicine and pharmacogenomics with a particular interest in adverse drug reactions.

Dr Dan Carr is a senior postdoctoral scientist within the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine. His research expertise is within pharmacogenomics, in relation to both therapeutic safety and efficacy. He has significant expertise in relation to automated biological sample archiving.

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala Universitet

Dr Mia Wadelius, Lecturer, MD, specialised in clinical pharmacology, member of IWPC, CPIC, the ADR genetics networks EUDRAGENE ( and iSAEC ( Swedish PI of EU-PACT (EU FP7), head of pharmacogenetics analyses at the University Hospital. Research: pharmacogenomics of ADRs and warfarin.

Prof Pär Hallberg, Ass Prof, MD specialised in clinical pharmacology, member of Uppsala Drug Committee, and the ADR genetics networks EUDRAGENE and iSAEC. PI of Swedegene. Research: pharmacogenomics of ADRs and response to drugs, especially cardiovascular.

Dr Niclas Eriksson, PhD, Biostatistician at UCR – Uppsala Clinical Research Centre, experience from quality registries, clinical trials, genome-wide studies, a key statistician in IWPC. Research: genome-wide studies and prediction models within cardiovascular medicine.

Prof Ann-Christine Syvänen, Prof in Molecular Medicine, Director of the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform in Uppsala. Swedish PI in EGSI (EU FP7). Research: Genomics and epigenomics of autoimmune disease and pediatric leukemia.

Dr Olof Karlberg, PhD, Sequencing Manager at the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform in Uppsala, Expert in sequencing, bioinformatics and database development.


PGXIS/Adorial Technologies

Dr Alun McCarthy is President and Chief Scientific Officer of PGXIS and has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes drug discovery, genomics, biomarker and imaging applications, clinical development and product communications.

Dr Olivier Delrieu, MD, Director of PGXIS, trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Lille, France . He has a degree in human genetics from the Pasteur Institute of Paris. Olivier joined PGXIS in Sept 2008 where he has been leading the development of Taxonomy3, a mathematical tool providing an analytical framework for the multivariate analysis of high dimensional datasets and complex problems.

   In 2015 Adorial Technologies was created by demerger from PGXIS.  Dr McCarthy and Dr Delrieu continued to participate in the PREDICTION-ADR project in the new company.


Asper Biotech

Asper Biotech

Dr Anu Aaspõllu, PhD (gene technology), senior research scientist, research and development manager. Dr Aaspõllu is experienced in wide range of methods of molecular biology (DNA analysis, RNA analysis, protein analysis, different cloning techniques, as well as Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing, bioinformatics etc. for different purposes including forensics, diagnostics etc). She has extensive experience in lab management and legal aspects.