Copying content between Modules

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Audience: Staff

Time Required: 5-10 mins

Complexity: Medium

This guide shows Instructors how to copy content between modules in My Dundee. The most common reason for doing this will be to copy content from an old module to a new one ready for a new academic year.

Video Walkthrough


Step 1: Source module

The source module is the one that you want to take content from, so make sure you’re in the correct one and that you are an Instructor before proceeding. Please note that when Blackboard refers to a course this is the equivalent of a module at Dundee.

  1. Select “Packages & Utilities” in the Course Management area on the bottom left of your module view.
  2. Select “Course Copy”

This will take you to the Course Copy options.

Step 2: Select your destination

a) Choose where you want your content to go

Select Copy to existing course, and then use the browse button to find your course. (It may help to use the search feature if you have many modules)

  • Make sure you get the correct academic year e.g. 18/19 vs 17/18
  • If you’re having problems finding your module, try searching for the module code since this is the unique code assigned to a module (along with the year)
  • You can only copy to a module you are an instructor on. In some cases, such as departmental administrators, this may be a lot so be careful not to get the wrong one. (We advise that only staff who are actively involved in a course, have access to it)

Step 3: Select what you want to copy

Select Course Materials

Under ‘Select Course Materials’ you can choose which types of content you want to copy. There is a more granular method for copying specific content, but we will cover that in a future guide.

Important note: DO NOT COPY THE GRADE CENTRE. If you choose to ‘select all’ make sure you un-check ‘Grade Centre Columns and Settings’.

File Attachments and Enrolments

File Attachments and Enrolments should set correctly by default but you should double check as below:

Select ‘Copy links and copies of the content’.

Make sure that enrolments is un-selected.

Step 4: Double Check & Submit

Before you click ‘Submit’ – you should double check your selections. Copying course content is non-destructive (you won’t loose anything), but it can cause quite a mess if you copy your content to the wrong module or include the grade centre.

You will get a wee message saying that an email will be sent when the copying is complete. In reality this process takes seconds, but this can vary if the data you are copying is large.

You can usually just go straight to your target module immediately.

Step 5: Tidying up your target module

When you go back to your target module, you will either see a green or a blue bar at the top:

  • Green means that the module is still being copied
  • Blue means the copying is complete

Once the bar turns blue and says ‘Destination [course code] is complete.’ – you are good to go.

It’s important to note that Modules are created based on templates. These templates define the structure of a module and pre-populate it with content. Its a bit like using PowerPoint Templates: you get the basic standard structure, then tweak it for your particular presentation. Because of this you may need to do some tidying up to make sure your module is how you want it. This will be more apparent with module that are using especially old templates.

Here’s how My Dundee resolves differences between the source module and the destination:

If Then
A course area in the source course doesn’t exist in the destination course. The area will be added to the course menu in the destination course.
The course area in the source course and the course area in the destination course have the same name and are of the same type. The content from the source course will be added, but won’t replace the content in the area in the destination course.
The course area in the source course and the course area in the destination course have the same name but are of different types. The course area from the source course will be added to the destination course under a different name. The new name will append an incremental numeral to the name. For example, Course Materials will become Course Materials1.

This table is taken from the Blackboard help pages.

Duplicate Reading Lists

The way Reading Lists from the Library’s Talis system has change. As a result, when you copy content from an old module you may end up with 2 reading list entries on the left hand menu. If this happens, you should delete the one furthest down (duplicate content gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Any problems with this, get in touch via help4u.

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