Martha Glazzard

Dr Martha Glazzard

Lecturer in Textile Design

Staff Profile

Research Profile

My research embraces textile design as a forward-thinking, collaborative practice with wide-ranging applications as well as a traditional and integral element of human experience. I am interested in how the opportunities and limitations afforded by different machinery and materials can drive forms and concepts. Prioritising design knowledge as catalyst for creating new methods and reframing existing methods is key to my practice. I have a diverse portfolio of projects, having worked on participatory projects with mental health service users, and on several short-term projects relating to costume, dance, electronic textiles, wearables and collection archives as well as a year-long project with a large, international sportswear company.


Knitted textiles; auxetic materials; form-finding; knowledge transfer; interdisciplinary design; tacit knowledge; play as method; textile sculpture

Areas for future work

Form-finding Intersections of textiles, architecture and sculpture; participation and engagement

External Activity