Katharina Vones

Dr Katharina Vones, MA RCA

Lecturer in Jewellery and Metal Design



Research Profile

Dr Katharina Vones is a lecturer in Jewellery and Metal Design at the University of Dundee. Trained at the University of St.Andrews (2001), the Edinburgh College of Art (2006), the Royal College of Art (2010) and the University of Dundee ( 2017), her research focuses on sustainable craft practice centred on novel materiality and how digital jewellery that possesses biomimetic characteristics can be brought to life through the use of smart materials and microelectronics. Katharina actively blogs about her practice as a way to encourage craft practitioners to participate in open and sustainable communities of making at www.smart-jewellery.com. Twitter Handle: @futurejewels.


Smart Materials, Digital Jewellery, Maker Cultures, Thermochromics, Photochromics, CAD, Sustainability

Areas for future work

The value of traditional craft knowledge/ heritage knowledge for addressing Soft Robotics, Novel Materiality, Biodesign

External Activity

Wear Sustain