Emilia Ferraro

Dr Emilia Ferraro

Lecturer in Sustainability for Design and Craft


PACTO – channel on youtube

Feet on the Ground: 6 short videos on an alternative reading of the Covid-19 pandemic

My interdisciplinary research interests sit at the crossroad between anthropology, craft theory and sustainability science. Having lived and researched for over 25 years among the Indigenous peoples of Ecuador, I have a passion for ways of thinking and knowing “otherwise”. Making/Craft practice is a way of knowing in its own right. What unites Craft practice and Sustainability (among other things) is a shared onto-epistemology “of care”. My research investigates the multiple ways in which the concept of the human being, nature and society that lay at the core of craft thinking and practice can contribute to the sustainability project, and the role creativity plays in such redesigns.

Recently, I have engaged with the journey of individual materials and their properties, and am researching the history and trajectories of metallurgy in the Andes since pre-Hispanic times to the present.


Materiality; Materials; Material Culture; Craft onto-epistemology; Sustainability; Wellbeing

Areas for future work

Cultural history of non-western silversmithing trajectories

External Activity

I am a member of the Knowing from the Inside research network led by Prof. Tim Ingold. I have close links and collaborations with the academic community of Ecuador and other Latin American countries. I am a founding member of PACTO (Persistence, Ancestrality, Community, Territory and Organization) that gathers Ecuadorian and Colombian people under the spiritual guidance of the elders of the Zio Bain Amazonian group.