At the University of Dundee School of Dentistry we are committed to sharing educational resources. This page will give you free access to some of the teaching materials that we use to support teaching and learning activities in the development of our undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as during courses we run for practitioners.

These materials support learning primarily by clarifying the steps in commonly used clinical procedures. Please note that there are often multiple ways to undertake a dental procedure and although these are some of the methods commonly taught in our School of Dentistry, there are many other ways of carrying out these procedures and different materials available. We have tried, where possible, to base the techniques and steps on evidence.
We will be adding more resources to this page in the future. You can also access instructional videos on our YouTube channel (link below).

All content contained on this page has been produced within the School of Dentistry and is copyright to our institution. However, we believe strongly in collaborative use of educational resources for the development of dental education. If you are part of an institution and would like to incorporate any of our materials into your teaching, please acknowledge us as the source.