New Regional Safe Settings locations

The Administrative Data Research Centre – Scotland (ADRC-S) is part of the ESRC’s Administrative Data Research Network, which provides accredited researchers with secure access to linked, de-identified administrative data in safe settings from its headquarters based at the Edinburgh Bioquarter.

As part of the ADRC-S’s commitment to improving accessibility to its service for researchers, new safe settings have been established at:

• The University of Glasgow
• The University of Dundee
• The University of Aberdeen
• The University of St Andrews.

Each safe setting consists of a secure room, a dedicated desk and staff to support researchers in their use of each safe setting.

The new safe settings enable access in the same secure way to research project datasets as those based at the Edinburgh Bioquarter. The key benefit of the ADRC-S Regional Safe Settings for researchers is that it provides the opportunity to access their project data locally. It is also anticipated that there will be greater demand and applications for research projects through the ADRC-S as a result of these additional safe settings

Get further details about the new safe setting locations.

The ADRC-S also has expertise in the theory, methods and policy of linking records for secondary uses and includes public engagement, ethics, information governance and law, linking and analysing large datasets, geocoding, natural language processing, machine learning and crime, criminal justice, education and social
services data.

For more information on how to access data through the ADRC-S for research projects, please contact 0131 658 5344 or visit the ADRC-S website.

Welcome to The Data Set!

Welcome to The Data Set, a new site primarily aimed at University of Dundee staff and students that brings together information from some of the UK’s best sources of data-related methodology, analysis and news.

Conceived and informed by Dr Alistair Geddes, this site has been produced as part of the remit of the Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR) to facilitate innovation in research methods and data analytics across the School of Social Sciences and the wider community.

The site consists of three parts:

  1. Automatically updated RSS and Twitter feeds from the UK Data Archive and Administrative Data Research Network amongst others
  2. Introductory videos from major UK-based sources of data guidance including the Urban Big Data Centre
  3. Blog section where staff and students can submit posts for upload and where the ISSR will feature the latest announcements and calls it has received from relevant organisations

We hope that you will bookmark The Data Set and that it will be of use to you. If you have any feedback on how we might improve things, leave a comment or get in touch with the ISSR.