The Level 2 Illustration students were asked to fill a sketchbook with drawings inspired by On Growth and Form and it’s influence on the world of art and design. They started with a day of observational drawing in the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. Afterwards they took these drawings and developed them through a series of experiments based on concepts from Thompson’s seminal book, looking in particular at how external forces can influence form. We invited in graphic artist Marcus Oakley who challenged the students with some fun collaborative drawing workshops. The students were also asked to consider what D’Arcy Thompson would be looking at if he were alive today? This was explored through inspiring guest lectures on microscopy by Professor Jason Swedlow (School of Life Sciences) and pattern formation and the physics of active systems by Dr Rastko Sknepnek (School of Science and Engineering). The pieces you see on display are just a fraction of the lively and dynamic artwork the students produced on this five week project.

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