Orthogroup clustering

We have updated the EuglenaDB with the orthogroup clustering. To access the file, please point your browser to:  http://euglenadb.org/EuglenaDB_Menu/Sequence/Transcriptome/

This is a .xlsx file named “parsed_ortho_groups.xlsx” with all the identified genes, and it is “a good starting point for any presence and absence analysis”.

The first column represent the orthogroup numbers or gene families, and are “numbered from largest to smallest”. For instance, “OG000000 is the largest gene family”.

The subsequent columns represent the taxa/species, and are in alphabetical order. To look for a particular gene in Euglena gracilis, kindly download the .xlsx file and search for the gene using a corresponding gene identifier from any species represented in the clustering. The corresponding row against E. gracilis tells you if the gene is present or absent.

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