Researcher Profiles

Professor Colin Reid








Professor Colin Reid works as a Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Dundee. He has extensive experience in undertaking research in areas of Public Law and Environmental Law, and has conducted research on biodiversity conservation, the implementation of EC environmental law within the devolved structures of the United Kingdom and on the legal issues arising from the dynamic nature of coastlines. He is also a founding Convener of the Environmental Law Section of the Society of Legal Scholars, a member of the editorial boards of Scottish Planning and Environmental Law, the Journal of Environmental Law and Environmental Law and Management and contributes to the work of the UK Environmental Law Association, in particular its Scottish and Nature Conservation Working Groups and Brexit Task-Force.

Professor Reid is the Principal Investigator of this project.

Dr Jonathan Mendel






Dr Jonathan Mendel works as a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Dundee. His research has engaged with questions around data, evidence and policy. Much of his recent work has focused on questions around data access and usage, and Dr Mendel has used Freedom of Information requests in order to research policy trials, clinical trials, and conflicts of interest in the NHS. Dr Mendel has also worked with the Scottish Institute for Policing Research on broader issues around evidence and policy and with the Data Wars project on questions of data rights and control.

Dr Mendel is a Co-Investigator of this project.

Dr Sean Whittaker

Dr Sean Whittaker is a lecturer in Law at the University of Dundee. He has successfully defended his doctoral thesis at University College Cork, which was funded by the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship. The thesis examined how the right of access to environmental information is guaranteed in England and Wales, the United States and China and the application of legal transplant theory. He has visited China University of Political Science and Law and Vermont Law School as a visiting Scholar, and has published his work in Transnational Environmental Law, the IUCN Academy of Law eJournal and Environmental Law Review.

Dr Whittaker is a Co-Investigator of this project.

Dr Petya Dragneva

Dr Petya Dragneva has recently joined the project team in the capacity of a research assistant. She teaches with the Department of Politics, University of Dundee and convenes an undergraduate module dedicated to the study of sustainability. Petya holds a PhD with the University of Sheffield on the Europeanization of environmental and waste policies in the EU. Her current research interests centre upon national environmental reform in the context of sustainable development and circular economy initiatives and focus on the role of the EU as a leader in this process.
Petya’s engagement with the field has been pursued also in a non-academic context through an in-service training with the European Commission as well as through work in EU project management.

Dr Dragneva is the Research Assistant of this project.