Kinloch: 28th April 2010

Match: Kinloch
Venue: Dawson Park
Date: 28 April 2010
Format: 18 overs per side
Toss: Kinloch who chose to bat
Result: DUSCC won by 5 wickets

Kinloch innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
R Dyer c and b Heather 3
R Sharma run out 0
G Mahendran run out 5
R Navickas c Smith Heather 7
Varun lbw Heather 0
Jain st Rodgers Dherwani 6
Viswa bowled Smith 2
R Bowman lbw Dixon 42
Nitesh lbw Dixon 10
Amir not out 1
K Martin not out 0
Extras 17
TOTAL 94 for 9

Bowling: D Petrie 3-2-7-0; M Dixon 4-0-10-2; A MacDonald 2-0-10-0; D Heather 2-0-5-3; K Dherwani 2-0-10-1; J Southalan 2-0-19-0; B Smith 2-0-15-1; C Reid 1-0-20-0

FoW: 1-; 2-; 3-; 4-; 5-; 6-; 7-;


Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Reid c and b Nitesh 11
S Boarder bowled Martin 5
D Petrie bowled Jain 41
A MacDonald bowled Dyer 0
D Heather not out 9
A Bell lbw Jain 2
M Dixon not out 5
Extras 22
TOTAL 95 for 5

Bowling: K Martin 4-0-22-1; Nitesh 4-0-33-1; R Dyer 2-1-6-1; Jain 2-0-23-2; Viswa 1-0-7-0; Amir 0.2-0-4-0

FoW: 1-; 2-; 3-; 4-; 5-


DUSCC got its 2010 season off to a successful start with a 5 wicket win against Kinloch on the usual interesting early-season Dawson Park pitch. The Kinloch innings got off to a bad start with two very quick run-outs and three cheap wickets for Duncan Heather who showed an admirable absence of early season rust. Richard Bowman batted very well for Kinloch in notching up 42, but Miles Dixon dismissed him and took one more wicket to finish with figures of 2-10. DUSCC had to chase 95 to win and were indebted to Dennis Petrie who clumped a strong-arm 41, well over half the runs scored off the bat (only Colin Reid and Extras otherwise made it to double figures), and we passed over the line in the 14th of 18 overs.