About DJCADMake

DJCADMake opened in the academic year 2014-15, since it was clear there was a need in a 21st-century art and design college to add modern fabrication techniques to the portfolios of an increasingly digitally-aware student and staff body. The studio is open to all in DJCAD, as well as colleagues from across the University.

DJCADMake is all about digital making. We help students realise designs and artworks through digital techniques. We can help turn 2-dimensional drawings into laser cuts and etchings or vinyl cuts. We can assist in turning 3D CAD parts or animation models into 3d-printed objects or CNC-milled objects. We offer help and advice on micro controller programming and electronics to help create interactive digital objects and installations. We’re always looking for new ways of creating objects, as well as pushing the boundaries of more traditional techniques.

DJCADMAke is staffed by Ali Napier and Rob Jackson who, between them, have a wealth of technical expertise.

  • Ali’s focus is on microcontroller and web technologies, internet-connected objects and interactive environments. He also has an interest in sound technologies.
  • Rob has a background in fine art, specialising in printmaking. He mainly instructs in the use of laser and vinyl cutters, CNC milling and 3D print.


Ali Napier

  • Email: a.napier[at]dundee.ac.uk
  • Phone: ext. 85242
  • Twitter: @alinapier

Rob Jackson

  • Email: r.y.jackson[at]dundee.ac.uk
  • Phone: ext. 86718
  • Twitter: @robcojackson


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