MOTD 27th Jan 2015 – 3D printer filaments spool rack (including 3d printed parts :)

With the tools we have here in DJCADMake, we’re very lucky that we can quickly make things that fulfil a very specific need. For instance…

We have several 3d printers here which can use varying sizes of reels of filament.



These are typically attached to the printer, but this arrangement doesn’t make for terrible easy change – or storage – of spools. So we thought it was time for a better solution. We decided it would be a good idea to have the spindles arranged on a rack above the printers that could easily just feed down directly into the machines.

A handy steel rod was found of about the correct length. Rob made some great wooden brackets for support. But we wanted a solution to hold the rod in place, whilst making it easy to add and remove spools.


I dreamed up a little cradle that could be attached to each wooden support, to allow the rod to slot in,but sit securely. A quick 10 mins in Sketchup produced this…

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 16.08.58


…and after another 30 mins we had printed 3 of these.


And here’s the finished article…