“Talk to me not my carer” – Evaluation of Communication skills workshop

An evaluation of a communication skills workshop for medical students using volunteers who have moderate or severe communication difficulties. A qualitative approach to the evaluation involving focus groups and recorded semi structured interviews were analysed for themes. Continue reading

Does it do what it says on the tin? Evaluating the impact of exposure to rural practice on medical graduates of the Universities of Aberdeen and Dundee

Summary – Most studies in this area have been conducted out with the UK. However, this research wishes to investigate whether or not experience of a rural placement, in Scotland, influences the career plans of young doctors. It will look at the programmes offered in Dundee and Aberdeen. Continue reading

Can teaching change medical students’ attitudes toward disability?

Can teaching about disability actually affect medical student’s attitudes towards disability? We find out as we studied two teaching sessions of profound communication difficulties. One lecture and one small group experiential workshop. Can these change attitudes towards disability? And if so which is better and by how much? Continue reading