European Team-Based Learning Community Masterclasses at the University of Dundee

The European Team-Based Learning Community (ETBLC) delivered four team-based learning (TBL) masterclasses at the University of Dundee on 26 June 2019: two masterclasses for beginners and another two advanced masterclasses for TBL practitioners. Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a special form of active and collaborative learning that uses a special sequence of individual work, group work and immediate feedback to create a motivational framework in which students increasingly hold each other accountable for coming to class prepared and contributing to discussion. The European Team-Based Learning Community is a network of European TBL Practitioners aiming to disseminate TBL to educators and educational institutions across Europe, creating a continental TBL network made up of local communities of practice, and provide resources and development opportunities to every TBL practitioner who engages with them.

The masterclasses were delivered by seven members of the ETBLC board (photo), including Dr Shihab Khogali (host from the University of Dundee). The ETBLC masterclasses were delivered the day prior to the Threshold Concepts in Action Conference held at the University of Dundee.

A total of 31 participants attended the ETBLC masterclasses. Attendees of masterclasses came from 14 different universities:

The University of Dundee (12)

University of Glasgow (4)

University of St Andrews (2)

Abertay University (2)

University of Bristol (2)

Scotland Rural College (1)

Newcastle University (1)

Northumbria University (1)

University of Hull (1)

University of Bath (1),

University College London (1)

Plymouth University (1)

Queen’s University Belfast (1)

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences – USA (1)


For further information contact:

Dr Shihab Khogali (,

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, School of Medicine, University of Dundee

ETBLC Board Member

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