Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning Inherited and Congenital heart Disease

Inherited cardiac conditions are genetic conditions that affect young people and can lead to sudden cardiac death, and include the heart muscle disorders (the cardiomyopathies ) or cardiac rhythm disorders  (the channelopathies). Families affected by these conditions can present to a variety of healthcare professions and therefore understanding the clinical … Continue reading

Developing a national dental education research strategy: priorities, barriers and enablers

Collaborators – Rola Ajjawi, Karen Barton, Charlotte Rees What subject areas are important for future research in dental education in Scotland? This study explores this considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholder groups. Here is a link to the article: http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/7/3/e013129 Continue reading

Year 2 medical students delivering health education activities at primary schools in Dundee

Developed as a partnership between the University of Dundee and the Dundee Education Department, every single year 2 medical student delivers health education activities to primary school aged children in Dundee. Fiona and Kevin document their experience, in their journal article “Doctor: what’s inside my body?” published in Clinical Teacher. … Continue reading

Does anxiety and self confidence affect performance at medical school interviews?

Does anxiety and self confidence affect the performance of students at multiple mini interviews (MMI)? Kevin McConville investigates this using the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2), a tool that is a widely used measurement tool for assessing anxiety in sports, and a cohort of students applying to Dundee medical school. This study … Continue reading

Immersive Simulation in the Foundation Programme

Trying to acquire evidence for 370 competencies over two years for the Foundation Programme can be challenging. This poster presented at the ASPiH conference outlines an ambitious immersive simulation programme to help assess some of these competencies. The programme involves the entire FY2 trainees in the East of Scotland! Read the … Continue reading

Award winning OSCE revision mobile app by Dundee student

It is logistically and financially challenging for universities to provide regular formative OSCE practice for medical students, therefore peer learning plays a vital role in the attainment of the necessary skills.  Students at Dundee identified that when revising for OSCE examinations they lacked confidence in the accuracy of peer to … Continue reading

Amazing medical illustrations, videos and digital book by Dundee University staff and students

Looking for that perfect picture to demonstrated hyperparathyroidism? Video of aortic stenosis in action? Or digital book on ECGs?  Medical illustrations and videos help enhance our teaching materials and help those who are audio and video learners. As part of a student selected component (SSC) “Doctor as a Digital Teacher” – … Continue reading