New Projects

The Centre for Remote Environments is beginning a series of exciting new ventures. In 2018, CRE was awarded a generous donation from Paulsen Family Foundation to initiate a series of research and development projects. These endeavours are designed to communicate, in depth, the complex science and cultural significance of South Georgia, and to help bring this unique remote environment to the world.

Live Mapping

Work has begun on the development of a new, live mapping interface called LIVE:SGI. Connecting the world to the science of South Georgia, LIVE:SGI will be an interactive real-time map of the island and a key tool for visualising data. LIVE-SGI will use South Georgia as a test bed, to let us pioneer new ways of immersing ourselves in data and information, using the latest techniques such as augmented reality, and the Internet of Things. CRE will develop LIVE:SGI initially for scientists – but that’s only the start. The live mapping is designed for the whole world to access. CRE will use LIVE:SGI to entice people everywhere to love South Georgia – to experience the spirit, culture and science of the island.

New Data Management System

Working with the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI), CRE is developing a new data management service to support the environmental data being generated by scientists working in the South Atlantic. The data management system will also provide a service to other South Atlantic UK Overseas territories. We want to help achieve a better understanding and awareness of the terrestrial and marine environments in small and remote territories by supporting researchers and decision makers with practical and novel data services and efficient data management systems. We will promote innovation and use cutting-edge technologies to facilitate and support data science, open source and geospatial applications in the South Atlantic UK Overseas Territories (SAUKOTs) and transfer knowledge to ensure local communities are empowered, aware of data management best practice and use, become self-sufficient and manage directly their own resources.
Dr. Ilaria Marengo has been seconded to the University of Dundee from SAERI and is leading this project. Dr. Marengo is working with both the Life Sciences and the University’s Satellite Receiving Station.

A Visualisation and Exhibition Space

In partnership with the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) and Friends of South Georgia Island (FOSGI), CRE aims to establish a Visitor’s Centre for the exhibition of Science Visualisation and Art. The principle concern is that the scientific activity being undertaken on South Georgia exists in relative isolation for the island’s many visitors. The purpose of this visualisation and exhibition space, is to provide the visitors with a point of access to this science.
The vision is to re-purpose an old building within the abandoned whaling station, Grytviken. Exhibitions will take the form of “science visualisation”. and will feature both traditional media and state of the art technology. Exhibitions will highlight the science – past, present and future – being undertaken on the island. Virtual reality and augmented reality displays with user-friendly interfaces will allow visitors to “explore” research on the islands within the gallery.