About CRE

CRE is committed towards developing a portfolio of research and consultancy projects and works to secure research grants and contracts from research councils, government departments and industry.

CRE works closely with The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT), and the main research themes addressed are: the crossovers between art and science, including those relating to environments, ecology and conservation; industrial and cultural heritage, with particular reference to the whaling industries; as well as related technologies within polar and sub polar regions.

CRE and South Georgia

South Georgia is a prime example of a largely un-spoilt part of planet Earth. It is also an embodiment of a rich, cultural and industrial history – from the heroic ages and the polar explorers – most famously Ernest Shackleton – to its important industrial heritage, from seal hunting to whaling. CRE’s mission is to bring this unique remote environment to the whole of humankind, through media that will enrich scientific understanding and captivate the general public.

Project Atlantis

The Centre for Remote Environments (CRE), previously known as Project Atlantis, was established by the late Brigadier David Nicholls and Prof Elaine Shemilt as a research and consultancy group concerned with environmental protection and education, and to provide environmental educational resources through digital media.

During his final appointment as Commander British Forces Falkland Islands, Brigadier Nicholls developed a deep affinity for the area and its heritage, in particular that of South Georgia. In retirement from the Royal Marines, this became the focus of his energies and Project Atlantis was established in 2001.