Hello and welcome to the Dundee Dental School Community page.

The main aim of this site is to promote a sense of community within the school, especially for the undergraduate, promoting well being and helping people feel part of something, especially just now when it is so difficult to physically meet.

This page is about you. You may all be dental or therapy students but you are way more than that. At times your studies and the stress of the course can overwhelm you but you need to be able to recognise that you are not defined by the course and the career you have chosen. 

So, here we can share guest blog posts about what else matters to you – hobbies, skills, passions, interests, life matters, difficulties. The point is, it’s not about the dentistry, it’s about the things which make life easier, or more difficult, for you. Occasionally staff may be invited to guest blog.

Some posts will be by named authors, some anonymous, it depends on what the guest blogger wishes to share and reveal. Think about what you say – will it encourage someone, will it help someone find a distraction from stress, will it make someone feel seen or heard, will it make someone’s day a little better?