No PO No Pay!

With the launch of OneUniversity, the University is implementing a ‘No PO No Pay’ policy. This means that invoices from suppliers must quote a valid OneUniversity Purchase Order (PO) number in order for Accounts Payable to process and ultimately pay them. If we receive an invoice and it doesn’t quote a valid OneUniversity PO number, we’ll send it back to the supplier. They, in turn, will go back to the person who requested the goods/ services who will raise a retrospective order on the OneUniversity system. Now the supplier has a valid PO number and can receive payment.

‘No PO No Pay’ policies are commonplace across most organisations of our size and complexity. The OneUniversity system means we are able to implement the policy, which has several benefits:

  • All transactions are processed through one established system.
  • It makes auditing easier as all the records are contained in OneUniversity.
  • We can see the whole history of a transaction from procurement, via approval, to payment.
  • We have a record of the financial commitment which facilitates managing the University’s budgets.
  • With the ability to view all transactions readily we enjoy an added level of security about funding.
  • We reduce the risk of being put on hold by a supplier and incurring a financial penalty.

A suite of FAQs, including a brief list of exceptions, will form part of the guidance around the policy which will be available on the OneUniversity Knowledge Base located within the IT portal at

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