Training for OneUniversity

Our approach to training

Training for OneUniversity Finance and Procurement workstream began this week, with a number of sessions around our financial ledgers and the new coding string.

We emailed all School and Directorate managers recently asking for 4 or 5 nominations from each area to take part in a number of ‘core’ training sessions.

The sessions are:
– An introduction to One University (navigation and the basics including expenses)
– Requisitioning
– Invoice to cash
– Chart of accounts and new coding string

The idea is that these people, we’re calling them ‘key specialists’, will then cascade the training down to their teams.

By doing it this way, we’re focusing on the activity that needs to continue regardless of the system being used – predominantly requisitioning and associated tasks around that – whilst giving Schools and Professional services control over when this is rolled out in each area.
In addition to this training, in the weeks after go live, we’re planning to run regular ‘drop in surgeries’ for expenses where you can bring along an expense claims and we’ll help you complete and submit it.

Sessions on Financial Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Stores Management, Research Finance and other topics will be scheduled shortly and we’ll share the dates of these with you.

If you have any questions about training, speak to your change champion, or drop us an email at

PECOS Changes

What’s happening to PECOS?

We’ve had a few queries recently from people wondering what’s going to happen to Pecos when we launch OneUniversity Finance on 1st December, so we thought we’d explain how this will be done.

The three things you really need to know are:

1. We’re not technically switching off PECOS, but at some point prior to the 1st November all requisitioning rights will be removed.  This means you can still log in to PECOS and see your current and historical orders, but you will not be able to raise new requisitions or receipt previous purchase orders.

2. All orders that are open on PECOS from August 2017 to the time we remove requisitioning rights will be transferred to OneUniversity.  This means that any work on existing open orders will be carried out in OneUniversity.

3. All new requisitions from 1st December should be raised in OneUniversity.

Don’t worry, we’re keeping PECOS beyond the go-live date to ensure that we have contingency for any unexpected issues.

We’ll be issuing a timetable soon detailing what will be happening and when so that you know exactly what’s going on.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Finance and procurement training starts!

We have now completed our first training session on the OneUniversity Finance & Procurement solution, which kicked off on 29 August with two days of ‘General Navigation’ training.

We asked School Managers and Directors to nominate two members of their team to take part in Key User Training (KUT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). These sessions are taking place between 29 August and 2nd October.

What’s Key User Training and User Acceptance Testing?

Key User training is given to nominated staff who have good knowledge of the current system and will be using certain aspects of the new solution, whilst User Acceptance Testing is carried out to make sure that the system functionality actually meets the University’s requirements and is fit for purpose.

Those nominated will take part in one day of classroom based training which will be followed by a second day of testing. They’ll use the knowledge gained during the training, along with information provided by the Programme team, to carry out testing based on real-life university scenarios.

How are we going to roll-out training?

We need to make sure that everyone who needs to use OneUniversity to do their jobs has the required knowledge and understanding from day one! Some people will need very specific training whilst others may just need an understanding of how to do a particular activity such as submitting an expense claim.

Our challenge is to make sure that everyone receives the appropriate training. We’ll do this through a mix of classroom-based training plus a range of support from videos and “how to” guides to drop-in surgeries.

Interested? We want to hear from you!

Do you have an interest in training or do you currently have responsibility for training others? If so, then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

More information about training will be posted soon so please check back soon!