What your Change Champion does for you

A group of committed individuals is working with the Business Transformation programme to support you in the changing workplace. They are our change champions and, most of all, they are your champions, advocating for you in your Schools and Directorates.

We have chosen change champions who are people-oriented and enthusiastic communicators. These are some of their goals:

‘I would like to do whatever I can to ensure the transition process runs smoothly.’

‘I want to share the prospect of new processes that will streamline and modernise our current methods.’

‘We need to emphasise how change is both good and necessary for the future of the University. It will take hard work to make it happen. I’m up for hard work.’

As we prepare for the launch of OneUniversity Finance in March, you can turn to your Change Champion for guidance, reassurance and information.

The important role of the change champion is to focus on people and:

  • Communicate the need and nature of the change to their teams
  • Identify the impact the change will have on their colleagues
  • Present the benefits of the change and let you know ‘What’s in it for you’
  • Help prepare you for working with the new solution

Read more about what makes a change champion and how to become one.

Do you know where to find your champion?

This week sees the start of a regular blog feature ‘Change Champion Chats’ where you can meet the individuals engaged in changing your future.

A day in the life of Carrie Masterton, PMO analyst

Q. Hi Carrie, what’s the P for in PMO?

A. I’m asked this question a lot! It’s P for programme. I’m the analyst for the Programme Management Office of the Business Transformation group.

Q. What does the Programme Management Office do?

A. We are the overarching support structure helping all the workstreams that combine to create the new OneUniversity solution. We work in phases and they’re all at different stages so our job is to bend and flex to meet the needs of the Programme

Q. What’s it like collaborating with different workstreams?

A. We’re here to support all of the workstreams, not just one area. This means we have to have a wide knowledge across the Programme. We also need to have an awareness of other activity happening across the University.

Q. You’re an analyst. What do you analyse?

A. Our analysis helps to support decision making, planning and reporting to name a few areas. We support all the workstreams – HR and Payroll, Research and Projects, Student, Enquiry Management – but right now we’re heavily focused on the Finance and Procurement workstream. In the run up to our December go-live date the PMO have created a new planning framework. ‘How long will it take? What resources will it require?’ These are the key questions we address to assure Finance and Procurement have workable timescales and available means.

Q. What is your favourite part of the job?

A. When you work on a project, especially one of this size, there is a broad scope of things you are working on, so no two days are the same.

Q. What are the top three skills required in your role?

A. Planning, being able to apply your continual learning and risk management. That’s having a good back-up plan!

Q. You celebrated one year working on the project this month. What’s the most rewarding thing that’s come out of it for you?

A. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Business Transformation team working on OneUniversity. The team is made up of a wide array of people from across the University and from other organisations who bring a wealth of experience to the programme. It’s nice knowing that you are part of a programme of work that will support the University in achieving its strategic goals.

Show me the money

Claiming for expenses with OneUniversity

With OneUniversity you can submit your expense claims electronically, taking photographs of your receipts on your phone and uploading them with your claim.

By doing it this way we cut out the paper, and you get paid with less fuss.

What happens now?

You continue to submit expenses in the traditional way until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday 21 November after which there will be a freeze on claims until we switch to OneUniversity.

After the go live date all claims must be submitted through OneUniversity. We won’t be accepting any further paper claims.*

Here are a few questions we’ve received recently:

Q: Do I have to submit my own expenses?

A: Of course we’d prefer people to take responsibility for their own expenses but we appreciate this is not always possible or the best use of time. OneUniversity will let you delegate your expense claim to another person to do on your behalf. It’s important to note that, whoever the delegate may be, the person who has incurred the expenses will be accountable for the eligibility of their claim.

Q: When will my expenses be paid?

A: Your expenses will be paid in the first payment run in OneUniversity. After that, the next weekly staff payment run will reimburse any expenses that fall under the pre-approval limit of £50. Expense claims requiring approval will be paid in the payment run after they’ve been approved.

Q: How are external expenses being managed?

A: For now, we’re managing external expenses in the same way as we do at present. You can submit an external claim form that has been signed off and financially coded using the new coding string to Accounts Payable. We’ll pay these claims in the same way as commercial creditors and include them in the payment run along with our suppliers.

We’re currently setting up business process management (BPM) forms so we’ll all soon be able to submit external claims online.

Q: How will I learn to do my expenses?

A: The solution is intuitive and easy to navigate so you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with it as soon as we go live. We’ll hold drop-in sessions all over the University where you can bring along your expenses and receipts and we’ll guide you through the submission process.

In addition to this we’ll be arranging sessions looking at the new coding string, as well as advanced training with staff likely to have some responsibility for putting in expense claims on behalf of others.

Q:  What about student expense claims?

A:  There will be no immediate change to how we manage student claims. We will, however, be amending the claim form to take account of the new coding string and moving towards and online submission process.

* Exceptions are travel insurance claims, removal expenses, taxable benefits and staff prizes.

No PO No Pay!

With the launch of OneUniversity, the University is implementing a ‘No PO No Pay’ policy. This means that invoices from suppliers must quote a valid OneUniversity Purchase Order (PO) number in order for Accounts Payable to process and ultimately pay them. If we receive an invoice and it doesn’t quote a valid OneUniversity PO number, we’ll send it back to the supplier. They, in turn, will go back to the person who requested the goods/ services who will raise a retrospective order on the OneUniversity system. Now the supplier has a valid PO number and can receive payment.

‘No PO No Pay’ policies are commonplace across most organisations of our size and complexity. The OneUniversity system means we are able to implement the policy, which has several benefits:

  • All transactions are processed through one established system.
  • It makes auditing easier as all the records are contained in OneUniversity.
  • We can see the whole history of a transaction from procurement, via approval, to payment.
  • We have a record of the financial commitment which facilitates managing the University’s budgets.
  • With the ability to view all transactions readily we enjoy an added level of security about funding.
  • We reduce the risk of being put on hold by a supplier and incurring a financial penalty.

A suite of FAQs, including a brief list of exceptions, will form part of the guidance around the policy which will be available on the OneUniversity Knowledge Base located within the IT portal at help4u.dundee.ac.uk

OneUniversity in action – a sneak peek

Work is well underway in preparation for the launch of OneUniversity Finance, with interfaces, manuals and training videos being created specifically for our use. Everyone at Business Transformation is really looking forward to the go-live date and we hope you are too.

But why wait? You can access a preview right now of how you and your colleagues will be using the system in a few weeks.

You can watch three short videos on the Finance solution, the first workstream to launch. They cover purchase requisitions, simple reports and Accounts Payable enquiries. These will be of particular interest to area specialists as a how-to guide for the tasks they will shortly be performing in the new solution.

Members of staff who don’t procure or pay themselves will still enjoy these introductory videos. It’s a first chance to familiarise yourself with the interface that will combine all the work we undertake together at the University.

Please note: These are generic videos from our supplier. We are developing our own training videos to be specific to University of Dundee.