A day in the life of Carrie Masterton, PMO analyst

Q. Hi Carrie, what’s the P for in PMO?

A. I’m asked this question a lot! It’s P for programme. I’m the analyst for the Programme Management Office of the Business Transformation group.

Q. What does the Programme Management Office do?

A. We are the overarching support structure helping all the workstreams that combine to create the new OneUniversity solution. We work in phases and they’re all at different stages so our job is to bend and flex to meet the needs of the Programme

Q. What’s it like collaborating with different workstreams?

A. We’re here to support all of the workstreams, not just one area. This means we have to have a wide knowledge across the Programme. We also need to have an awareness of other activity happening across the University.

Q. You’re an analyst. What do you analyse?

A. Our analysis helps to support decision making, planning and reporting to name a few areas. We support all the workstreams – HR and Payroll, Research and Projects, Student, Enquiry Management – but right now we’re heavily focused on the Finance and Procurement workstream. In the run up to our December go-live date the PMO have created a new planning framework. ‘How long will it take? What resources will it require?’ These are the key questions we address to assure Finance and Procurement have workable timescales and available means.

Q. What is your favourite part of the job?

A. When you work on a project, especially one of this size, there is a broad scope of things you are working on, so no two days are the same.

Q. What are the top three skills required in your role?

A. Planning, being able to apply your continual learning and risk management. That’s having a good back-up plan!

Q. You celebrated one year working on the project this month. What’s the most rewarding thing that’s come out of it for you?

A. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Business Transformation team working on OneUniversity. The team is made up of a wide array of people from across the University and from other organisations who bring a wealth of experience to the programme. It’s nice knowing that you are part of a programme of work that will support the University in achieving its strategic goals.

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