‘Early life support’ top queries

Two weeks since go live and more than 250 Help4u queries have been successfully resolved.

The ‘top ticket item’ was Procurement and Purchasing Management queries relating to requisitioning, punching out to PECOS gateway and purchase cards.

The second most popular query was Managing Payments which covers Accounts Payable queries and Travel & Expenses. There have also been a few queries regarding the process for Resolution Pools.

The third most popular was System Admin with queries relating to profiles, my tasks and changing approval pools.

Please be aware that no changes to approval pools will be processed until the start of September unless there is a problem which has genuine effects on business process.

Changes to user profiles and approval pools

Any changes to user profiles and approval pools have been suspended for a period of around one month. We will contact you again when this restriction has been lifted. This is to limit changes to the system to allow the Business Transformation team to deal with early life support enquiries from around the business.

There is an exception to this. If operations in your area could be adversely affected by the restriction, such as only having one or two people in your approval pool.

Process to make a change
If you do want to request a change to a user profile or approval pool, please do this through your School Manager, Dean, Director or Assistant Director. You can also speak to your School or Directorate accountant.

Launch of OneUniversity Finance

OneUniversity portal

The OneUniversity Finance system was successfully launched to the core Finance team on Thursday, 1 August, followed by requisitioners and approvers on Friday 2 August. Staff who carry out expense claims and funds checking were given access on Monday 2 August.

Accessing the system

Here’s where you can access the system:

Training environment and resources

  • If you have any queries regarding the system, please follow the ‘1, 2, 3 of support’.


  • The Train environment will be left open so you can familiarise yourself with the system before using it in earnest. Please do not use the live system to practice.
  1. Visit the self-Service portal and search for your query in our Knowledge Base.
  2. Contact your local Transformation Advice and Support Team (TAST) member or Change Champion to receive assistance.
  3. Raise a ticket with help4U@dundee.ac.uk.