Frequently Asked Questions – Purchase Orders and Invoices


When we are speaking to staff, we are often asked about common subjects.  Here are some of the questions that we are asked frequently about purchase orders and invoices.

Invoices without POs

There will be a list of exceptions to the No PO No Pay rule, this list will be a combination of specific suppliers and good/services which we would find acceptable not to require a PO. There will also be a process issued to deal with these.

Warnings regarding reaching the ends of budgets

There are not any warnings regarding budget availability within the solution, however the BI Dashboard (Business Intelligence) can be set up to allow a live look at any budgets so they can be appropriately managed.

Raising Internal Invoices

We are currently establishing the process which will allow for internal trade to take place within the system, and to allow for the internal charge requests to be raised in conjunction with other tools.

University Purchase Orders for NHS

The current situation will not change in the immediate future. Procurement are liaising with our NHS colleagues regarding this.

We hope these will prove helpful.

We will be collating frequently asked questions on the other workstreams as they become apparent.
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