What Is a Change Ambassador?

What is a Change Ambassador?

Change Ambassadors are senior members of the University who are committed to visibly supporting the Programme and cascading change programme information to their teams. They work closely with the Change Champions.  They are usually School Managers, Deans, Associate Deans, Directors and Senior Directorate Managers.

The Change Ambassador needs to be aware of how business transformation is linked to the successful delivery of the University’s strategic priorities and objectives as identified in the Strategy to 2022.

Change Ambassador’s Role

The Change Ambassador’s role is to provide advice and guidance to the programme team, with their understanding of University policies and procedures. They may also assist with assessments of the impact of the change upon their staff and any whether adjustment to the proposed new solution or training is required as a result.  Additionally they ensure that the relevant information is cascaded to all staff in their school or directorate. Ambassadors are critical to the success of the Programme.
They are also in a position to support the programme by ensuring that their staff are released to undertake Programme duties such as training.
Ambassadors are given information about the progress of the Change Programme so they can communicate it through their management structure or at team meetings.  They also support the Change Champions, ensuring they are able to fulfil their Change Management duties.
The Programme Team provide the Ambassadors with monthly communications briefings that highlight programme activity and provide assistance on help them manage change in their School/Directorate.
If you wish to know more about the Change Ambassador Programme, please contact business-transformation@dundee.ac.uk.