Sycamore on opening day


A Garden for the City

In 1966 the need for a Botanic Garden was identified by the botany staff of the University of Dundee. After much discussion a site was identified in the West End of the City of Dundee and the Botanic Garden was founded in 1971 by the University to meet the needs of the botany staff.

The site chosen had a gentle southern slope, good soil, and a burn with very pure water coming from the Balgay Hill running from the western corner down through the gardens. This assisted the
creation of several water features. Although initially quite barren, the site had great potential and required a lot of new landscaping and new plantings related to the local needs.

The garden was well thought out at its inception. The first curator Dr. Edward Kemp (1971-1980) was originally the curator of the
Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh. Dr. Kemp brought to the
University a wealth of experience in gardening and arboriculture. This he applied with great conviction and forethought.

Dr. Leslie Bisset was the 2nd Curator (1980-1998), and had an
outstanding knowledge of plants and was then able to bring the garden towards maturity. He was also responsible for the existing visitor reception area.

Alasdair Hood joined the garden in 1998 and is the current
Curator and is using his vast experience to continue the work of the Garden to ensure it is there for the University, the City of Dundee and future generations.

For more information on the History of the Garden please visit the University of Dundee Botanic Garden website.

View our photos on our Flickr page.

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