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Leaving a Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy by remembering the Botanic Garden in your will

Legacy Information

Legacies play a crucial role in supporting the Endowment Trust and your gift is an important investment to the Trust supporting the
future of the Botanic Garden for the City of Dundee, and the
national and global communities.

For information please download our Legacy Brochure

Our charitable status (Scottish Charity No SC044040) means that a gift in your will to the Endowment Trust would be tax exempt and so could significantly reduce the amount of tax paid on your estate.

Your Will is very important as it ensures that your state is
distributed as you wish, and enable you to provide security for
family members and loved ones. Making a Will also provides an
opportunity to remember the charities you care about, such as the Dundee Botanic Garden Endowment Trust.

It is best to avoid stipulating a very specific purpose as this may
prevent your gift from being used if that purpose no longer exists when it is received.  To avoid this, you may wish to consider including a provision which allows the Endowment Trust to use your Legacy in a similar area, or where there is a pressing need for financial

Once you have decided to create your Legacy, you will want to make sure that your wishes are carried out – therefore, you need to either make a will or add a codicil to your existing will.  We recommend seeking the advice of a professional when making or altering your Will.

Our Legacy Brochure will hopefully provide the information you need, however if you would like to have a personal confidential discussion either over the telephone or in person please feel free to contact us.

Main Types of Legacies

  • Pecuniary Gift:  A pecuniary legacy is the gift of a specified amount of money.  If you choose to make this type of legacy it is a good idea to review your will regularly as inflation may erode its value over the year. Suggested Wording for Pecuniary Gifts
  • Residuary Gift: A residuary legacy is the gift of all or part of the value of your estate after all other debts and bequests have cleared. The value of a residuary legacy is that its value is not eroded by inflation. Suggested Wording for Residuary Gifts
  • Contingent Gift:  A legacy that is contingent on a
    particular occurrence, perhaps the passing away of the original beneficiary, after which the gift reverts to the Endowment Trust.

How You Can Give

  • Unrestricted Gift: A legacy left to the discretion of
    the Endowment Trust, providing the Trust the flexibility to meet the Botanic Gardens future needs.
  • Restricted Gift: A legacy that supports a donors specific interests such as education or research for example.
  • Endowed Fund: Provides income in perpetuity that grows with investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Making a Will – A will is the only way to be sure your wishes are met while your loved ones and causes you care about are looked after.  It is never too early to do and it is easy to alter as your life experience changes.  We recommend seeking the advice of a
    professional when making or altering your will.
  • How will a gift in my Will support D.B.G.E.T – Supporters who remember the Endowment Trust with a gift in their will make a huge difference to the University of Dundee Botanic Garden.  By supporting the Endowment Trust in this way, you can assist us by building the financial assets and resources to support the Garden operations development.
  • Isn’t this just for the wealthy? – You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a legacy, all bequests large or small provide the Endowment Trust with vital funding
  • Why do I need a will? – Without a will, it is the law
    that determines what happens to your money, property and
    possessions.  With a will, it is you that is in charge of who receives what.
  • How do I get a will written and how much does it cost? –
    We always recommend that you visit your solicitor or other professional advisor to draw up or make changes to your will.

Scottish Registered Charity No. SC044040

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