Personal Support

Personal Sponsorship

The beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere of the Dundee Botanic Garden is there for everyone to enjoy.

We value our many visitors and friends from all over the world and hope that with your support we can continue to be a unique visitors attraction and hub of international research and education for all, benefiting the City of Dundee and beyond.

We have a range of 12 month sponsorship packages that will give you the opportunity to support the Botanic Garden and help the Trust in its fundraising efforts.

Why support us?

  • Supporting your local horticultural  treasure and getting                 involved in your community
  • Exclusive events
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Recognition of your support
  • Supporting our future

For more information please download our                                                     Personal Support Brochure or if you would like to have a discussion over the phone or in person please contact Gordon Ramsay,  Trust Development Officer on 01382 381136.


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