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Research, Education and Physical Space

The Dundee Botanic Garden Endowment Trust has committed to raise £3 million. The income generated from this endowment,
together with financial contributions from the University
and commercial income will support the financial future for the Botanic Garden.

  • To promote as a venue for public engagement, outreach and broader educational activities, encouraging the public to care about their environment and appreciate the crucial role that plants and wildlife play in a healthy planet.
  • The Trust will support the Garden’s work as a key community venue showcasing the University’s research and teaching by
    fostering activities from art and design, humanities and social
    sciences to computing, biomedical and physical sciences.
  • The Garden will aim to host University events such as Café Arts and Café Science exhibitions, presentations, public lectures and school workshops.
  • The continual refurbishment, updating and improvement of the Garden to match the evolving standards of modern botanic
    gardens. It must not remain static if it is to play a full part in the botanic garden network around the world.

Read more about the Endowment Trust:

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